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    Gorilla Snot Pick and Drumstick Grip Enhancer

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      This grip enhancer is a game-changer for musicians seeking superior grip and control during performances. This unique product is designed to enhance the grip of guitar picks and drumsticks, allowing for improved precision, accuracy, and comfort while playing. With its long-lasting formula and easy application, a go-to solution for musicians who want to take their playing to the next level.

      The formula is specially formulated to provide a tacky and non-slip surface, ensuring a secure grip on picks and drumsticks. Its versatility makes it suitable for various playing styles and genres, from delicate fingerpicking to aggressive drumming. With this grip enhancer, you can say goodbye to sweaty hands and slippery grips, and confidently focus on your performance.

      This grip enhancer comes in a convenient and portable container, allowing for easy application on the go. Simply apply a small amount of to your pick or drumstick, and experience the immediate difference in grip and control. The grip enhancer is suitable for all musicians, whether beginners or professionals, looking to improve their playing experience. 

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Non-gooey Grip Enhancer for Guitar Picks and Drumsticks


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