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    Allparts EP-4586-000 CTS 500K-500K Concentric Audio Pot

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      This innovative concentric potentiometer allows for independent control of two separate circuits, giving you the ability to blend different pickups or dial in a wide range of tones. This CTS pot delivers exceptional quality and performance for musicians who demand the best.

      The part features a dual-concentric design, with two separate 500K resistance pots stacked together. This configuration allows you to control two different circuits, such as the volume and tone of each pickup in a guitar, or the blend of two pickups in a bass. The independent controls give you the freedom to mix and match your desired tones, unlocking a world of sonic possibilities.

      With its precise specifications, the part is a direct replacement for most standard concentric pots in electric guitars and basses. The durable construction ensures reliable performance and smooth operation, even during intense playing. This potentiometer is built to last, with high-quality components that provide precise control and excellent audio fidelity.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES 500K Stacked concentric Audio Taper Potentiometer to work with USA sized knobs and intended for easy pickguard mounting.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME EP-4586-000


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