Light Slate Gray allparts-ep-0386-000-500k-balance-blend-potentiometer Guitar Parts
Gray allparts-ep-0386-000-500k-balance-blend-potentiometer Guitar Parts

    Allparts EP-0386-000 500K Balance Blend Potentiometer

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      This high-quality pot is designed to provide precise balance control between two pickups, allowing you to fine-tune your instrument's sound. With a 500K resistance, this potentiometer is perfect for guitars that require a higher resistance value for enhanced clarity and a brighter tone.

      The guitar pot features a balance blend function that enables seamless blending between pickups, giving you the ability to achieve the perfect mix of tones. Its smooth and reliable linear taper ensures consistent and accurate performance, allowing you to achieve your desired blend with ease. The solid shaft and compact size make it easy to install in most guitar models without any modifications.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Dual 500K Blend/Balance linear taper pot with center detent. Includes hardware. Threaded bushing diameter ~.272", threaded bushing height 3/8", shaft diameter ~.232"
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME EP-0386-000


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