Lavender allparts-pg-0556-035-tremolo-spring-cover-backplate Guitar Parts
Lavender allparts-pg-0556-035-tremolo-spring-cover-backplate Guitar Parts

    Allparts PG-0556-035 Strat® Tremolo Spring Cover Backplate

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      This high-quality backplate is designed to fit standard Stratocaster® models, offering a seamless and professional look to your instrument. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this spring cover backplate features a sleek design that perfectly complements the overall aesthetics of your guitar. Upgrade the appearance of your Stratocaster® and protect the tremolo springs with this reliable and stylish backplate.

      Constructed from durable materials, the backplate ensures long-lasting performance and protection for your guitar's tremolo springs. It effectively covers and shields the springs, preventing dust, debris, and unwanted interference that can affect your guitar's performance. The precise fit ensures a secure attachment, eliminating any rattling or movement during play. With this backplate installed, you can confidently dive into those whammy bar bends and vibrato techniques, knowing your tremolo springs are well-protected.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Tremolo spring cover, standard Strat® spec.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME PG-0556-035


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