Tomato daddario-ecg23-xl-chromes-flatwound-electric-guitar-strings-010-048-extra-light Electric Guitar Strings
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    D'Addario ECG23 10-48 XL Chromes Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings

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      The perfect choice for guitarists seeking a smooth and mellow tone with exceptional playability. These strings are specifically designed for players who prefer an extra light gauge for effortless bending and fast fretting.

      Crafted with precision and care, these strings feature a flatwound construction, which results in a warm and smooth tone that is perfect for jazz, blues, and other mellow genres. The flatwound design also reduces finger noise and provides a comfortable playing experience, making these strings ideal for extended playing sessions.

      With a string gauge of .010-.048, these strings offer a perfect balance between playability and tonal richness. The nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides durability and longevity, while the hexagonal high-carbon steel core ensures excellent tuning stability and intonation.

      These strings are well-suited for guitarists seeking an effortless playing experience with exceptional playability, tuning stability, and tonal richness. Upgrade your guitar today with these premium strings and experience a new level of musical expression.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES .010-.048 Extra Light


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