Dark Slate Gray daddario-etb92-nylon-tapewound-bass-strings-50-105 Bass Strings
Dark Slate Gray daddario-etb92-nylon-tapewound-bass-strings-50-105 Bass Strings

    D'Addario ETB92 50-105 4-String Long Scale Nylon Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings

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      For bass guitarists seeking a unique, smooth playing experience with a warm, vintage tone, look no further than these bass guitar strings. These strings offer a distinctive sound that's perfect for jazz, R&B, and classic rock genres.

      The standout feature of the strings is their nylon tapewound construction. With a flat, smooth surface, these strings minimize finger noise while delivering a warm, mellow tone reminiscent of vintage bass recordings. The tapewound design also provides a comfortable playing experience, allowing you to effortlessly glide across the fretboard.

      These strings have a gauge of 50-105, striking a balance between thickness and playability. The strings offer enough tension to produce a full, resonant tone while ensuring a comfortable playing experience. Whether you're slapping, plucking, or using a traditional fingerstyle technique, these strings respond well to a variety of playing styles.

      The strings are designed specifically for long-scale bass guitars, accommodating instruments with a scale length of up to 36.25 inches. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal tension across the fretboard, enhancing both playability and tone.

      Crafted with high-quality materials, these strings are built to last. The core of each string is made from steel, providing durability and stability, while the outer winding features a high-quality nylon tapewound for a rich, vintage tone that retains its brilliance over time.

      The tapewound bass guitar strings are an exceptional choice for bass players in search of a unique, vintage-inspired sound. With their nylon tapewound construction, balanced gauge, long-scale compatibility, and durable materials, these strings offer both a comfortable playing experience and a warm, mellow tone that will enhance your musical expression on the bass guitar.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES This black nylon tapewound set produces profound, warm audio paired with a silky-smooth feel and is tailored for long scale basses of up to 36 inches.


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