Medium Violet Red daddario-exl170-5-nickel-wound-bass-guitar-strings-045-130-regular-light-long-scale-5-string Bass Strings
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    D'Addario EXL170-5 45-130 5-String Long Scale Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings

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      For bass guitarists who require a set of strings that delivers a punchy, bright tone with excellent clarity and projection, the bass guitar strings are an excellent choice. These strings are designed for 5-string long-scale bass guitars and are perfect for a wide range of musical styles, from rock and metal to jazz and funk.

      The strings feature nickel wound construction, which provides a clear, articulate sound with excellent sustain. The nickel-plated steel wrap wire delivers a punchy, bright tone while the steel core provides strength and durability, making these strings ideal for high-energy playing styles.

      These strings have a gauge of 45-130, offering a balanced combination of thickness and playability. The strings respond well to both fingerstyle and pick playing techniques, allowing you to easily produce a wide range of tones.

      The strings are designed for long-scale 5-string bass guitars, accommodating instruments with a scale length of up to 36.25 inches. This ensures a proper fit and optimal tension across the fretboard, enhancing both playability and tone.

      Crafted with advanced manufacturing techniques, these strings are built to last. The high-quality materials and precision winding process ensure consistency and durability, providing a long-lasting tone that will hold up even after hours of playing.

      The strings are a reliable and versatile option for bass players in search of a high-quality set of strings. With their nickel wound construction, balanced gauge, long-scale compatibility, and durable materials, these strings deliver excellent projection, a bright, punchy tone, and easy playability for a wide range of musical styles, making them an ideal choice for any bass player looking for a quality set of strings for their 5-string bass.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES This nickel-wound bass guitar string set combines expertly crafted components to produce an optimal tone and response in the .045-.130 Regular Light Long Scale 5-string range.


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