Cornflower Blue daddario-rjb1030-royal-alto-saxophone-reeds-3-0-10-pack Saxophone Reeds
Steel Blue daddario-rjb1030-royal-alto-saxophone-reeds-3-0-10-pack Saxophone Reeds

    D'Addario RJB1030 - Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds - 3.0 (10-pack)

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      Looking for the perfect reeds for your alto saxophone? Look no further than RJB1030 - Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds - 3.0 (10-pack). These reeds are designed to provide a rich, warm tone and unparalleled consistency, making them perfect for players of all skill levels.

      The RJB1030 reeds are made from premium cane, carefully selected for its optimal density and fiber structure. This ensures that each reed is consistent in thickness and strength, resulting in a consistent sound across the entire range of the instrument.

      These reeds are also precision-cut with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum vibration. This results in a full, rich sound that is both responsive and easy to play. And with a strength rating of 3.0, these reeds are suitable for a wide range of playing styles and musical genres.

      Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the RJB1030 - Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds - 3.0 (10-pack) are the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional quality and consistency in their reeds. So why wait? Order your pack today and experience the difference for yourself!

      ROADIE TECH NOTES With a strength 3.0, 10-pack


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