Dim Gray daddario-rrp05asx300-plasticover-alto-saxophone-reeds-3-0-5-pack-1 Saxophone Reeds
Dark Khaki daddario-rrp05asx300-plasticover-alto-saxophone-reeds-3-0-5-pack-1 Saxophone Reeds

    D'Addario RRP05ASX300 - Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds - 3.0 (5-pack)

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      Introducing the RRP05ASX300 Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds, a premium choice for saxophonists looking for a high-quality reed with exceptional durability and consistency. Each pack includes five reeds with a strength of 3.0, ideal for players who require a medium-soft reed that's easy to play.

      Made from a unique plastic coating, these reeds offer superior resistance to moisture and climate changes, ensuring long-lasting performance. The coating also gives the reeds a bright, focused sound that's perfect for jazz and pop music.

      With its advanced design, the RRP05ASX300 Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds provide maximum flexibility and response, allowing for effortless playing across the entire range of the instrument. These reeds are also highly versatile, suitable for both classical and contemporary music styles.

      Overall, the RRP05ASX300 Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds are an excellent choice for any saxophonist looking for a reliable, high-quality reed that delivers consistent performance and a unique sound. So why wait? Grab your pack of RRP05ASX300 Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds today and take your playing to the next level!

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Reeds come in a convenient 5-pack and are 3.0 strength.


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