Black dunlop-jazz-ii-semi-round-black-stiffo-nylon-guitar-picks-1-18mm-6-pack Guitar Picks
Black dunlop-jazz-ii-semi-round-black-stiffo-nylon-guitar-picks-1-18mm-6-pack Guitar Picks

    Dunlop 47P2S 1.18mm 6-Pack Jazz II Semi-Round Black Stiffo Nylon Guitar Picks

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      These picks are the perfect choice for guitarists seeking a powerful and precise picking experience. With a thickness of 1.18mm, these picks offer excellent control and durability, making them ideal for fast and intricate playing styles. Crafted from high-quality nylon material, they provide a textured surface that ensures a secure grip and enhanced precision during intense performances.

      The semi-round shape and sleek black color of the picks exude a professional and stylish aesthetic. The Stiffo nylon material delivers a focused and articulate tone with exceptional note definition. Whether you're playing jazz, fusion, or any genre that demands clarity and precision, these picks offer outstanding projection and response, allowing you to fully express your musical ideas.

      The 6-pack of picks ensures that you always have a reliable supply at hand. Each pick is carefully crafted to high standards, ensuring uniform shape and performance. These picks are favored by professional guitarists for their excellent stiffness and precise attack.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Small, broad grip with three tips to provide a variety of tones for player preference.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME 47P2S Black Stiffo Nylon Guitar Picks


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