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    Hal Leonard Edna Mae Burnam's Step by Step Write It Right Piano Book 1

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      This unique and interactive book is designed to develop your musical skills by combining piano playing with music notation writing. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate pianist, this book will take your understanding of music to the next level.

      Book one is authored by the renowned piano educator Edna Mae Burnam, who is known for her effective teaching methods. This book focuses on developing sight-reading skills and music theory through writing exercises. You'll learn to write notes, rhythms, and musical symbols while playing familiar tunes on the piano. With each lesson, you'll strengthen your ability to read and write music notation, enabling you to become a well-rounded musician.

      The book features a progressive approach, starting with simple concepts and gradually introducing more complex musical elements. You'll explore topics such as note values, rests, dynamics, key signatures, and more. The clear and concise explanations, coupled with engaging exercises, make it easy to grasp each concept. The book also includes helpful tips and guidelines to ensure accurate music notation writing.

      With its spiral-bound format, the book lays flat on your piano stand, allowing for easy reading and practice. The book's pages are filled with fun and engaging exercises that reinforce the concepts learned. By combining piano playing and music notation writing, this book offers a well-rounded approach to piano education, fostering a deeper understanding of music and enhancing your overall musicality.



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