Saddle Brown ernie-ball-2012-earthwood-80-20-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings-011-052-medium-12-string Acoustic Guitar Strings
Wheat ernie-ball-2012-earthwood-80-20-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings-011-052-medium-12-string Acoustic Guitar Strings

    Ernie Ball 2012 11-52 Medium 12-String Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

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      The perfect choice for guitarists who demand exceptional playability and tone from their 12-string guitar strings. These strings are designed with a special 80/20 bronze alloy that delivers a bright, balanced tone with excellent projection.

      With a gauge of 11-52, these strings strike the perfect balance between lightness and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of playing styles. They are also constructed with a high-quality steel core wire that provides added strength and durability, ensuring that they will stand up to even the most demanding playing situations.

      In addition to their exceptional tone and playability, these strings are also coated with a special anti-rust treatment that helps to extend their lifespan and keep them sounding great for longer. So if you're looking for a set of 12-string acoustic guitar strings that deliver unbeatable tone and playability.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Crafted using the highest quality 80/20 bronze, these .011-.052 Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings are specifically designed for 12-string instruments and feature a medium gauge.


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