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    Ernie Ball 2063 9-20 5-String Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Banjo Bluegrass Strings

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      These strings are an excellent choice for banjo players seeking a set of strings specifically designed for bluegrass playing styles. With a gauge range of .009-.020, these light strings offer exceptional playability and projection, making them perfect for fast and intricate picking patterns.

      The 80/20 bronze construction of these strings provides a bright and well-defined tone with excellent sustain and projection, making them perfect for bluegrass or any other playing style that requires a responsive and dynamic sound. The set also includes an additional .009 gauge string, which is ideal for players who prefer a lighter gauge fifth string.

      The dedication to producing strings that deliver consistent performance and reliability is evident in the design and construction of these strings. With their excellent tone and playability, as well as the durability and resistance to corrosion

      ROADIE TECH NOTES The Earthwood 5-String Banjo Bluegrass Loop End 80/20 Bronze strings are composed of 80% copper and 20% zinc around a hex-shaped tin-plated steel core wire, giving players a bright, resonant sound with a balanced undertone. The listed gauges are .009, .011, .013, .020w, and .009.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME 2063 Earthwood


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