Black ernie-ball-2615-skinny-top-heavy-bottom-slinky-nickel-wound-electric-guitar-string-010-062-7-string Electric Guitar Strings
Tomato ernie-ball-2615-skinny-top-heavy-bottom-slinky-nickel-wound-electric-guitar-string-010-062-7-string Electric Guitar Strings

    Ernie Ball 2615 10-62 7-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

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      The  7-string electric guitar strings are the perfect choice for guitarists who want to bring out the best in their 7-string guitars. With a 10-62 gauge, these strings offer a light and flexible feel that's perfect for fast and intricate playing styles.

      Made from nickel-plated steel wire, the strings have a bright and articulate tone that's perfect for a wide range of musical genres. They're designed to fit most standard 7-string electric guitars, and feature a ball end that makes them easy to attach to your guitar's bridge.

      In addition to their bright tone, the strings are also designed for comfort. They have a smooth feel that's easy on your fingers, so you can play for hours without experiencing any discomfort or pain. This is especially important for guitarists who play for extended periods of time.

      These strings are also incredibly durable, which means you won't have to worry about them breaking or losing their tone prematurely. They're designed to last, and to deliver a consistent tone and feel throughout their lifespan.

      The strings are a great choice for guitarists who want a bright and articulate tone that's easy to play. With their 10-62 gauge and nickel-plated steel construction, they offer a clear, articulate tone that's perfect for rock, metal, and other heavy genres. And with their durable construction and comfortable feel, they're sure to last you for a long time.

      Product Specifications:

      • Gauge: 10-62
      • Material: Nickel-plated steel wire
      • Ball end for easy attachment
      • Designed for standard 7-string electric guitars
      • Durable construction
      • Smooth, comfortable feel.
      ROADIE TECH NOTES This 7-string set of nickel-wound, Slinky-style electric guitar strings has a custom gauge range of .010-.062.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME 2615 7-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky


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