Black ernie-ball-2824-super-slinky-nickel-wound-electric-bass-guitar-strings-040-125-5-string Bass Strings
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    Ernie Ball 2824 40-125 5-String Super Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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      These strings are made of nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around a hex-shaped steel core, resulting in a bright and well-balanced tone with excellent sustain. The set comes with five strings, allowing you to easily tune your bass to low B.

      The gauges for each string are as follows: .040, .060, .080, .100, and .125. This combination of gauges produces a set of strings that is both versatile and easy to play. The light gauge of the strings makes them easy to fret, while the heavier gauges provide enough tension for a full and punchy sound. These strings are perfect for bassists who play a variety of genres, from rock to jazz to funk.

      The strings have been tested and approved by professional bass players around the world. They are known for their durability, allowing you to play for long periods of time without worrying about the strings breaking or losing their tone. The nickel-plated steel construction also ensures that the strings stay in tune, even after extensive use.

      One of the standout features of these strings is the feel. They are incredibly smooth and easy to play, making them ideal for bassists who prefer a lighter touch. The strings have a soft and comfortable feel that allows for fast and effortless playing. This makes them perfect for bassists who need to play intricate and complex lines.

      The strings are also very easy to install. The strings come with a color-coded ball end system that makes it easy to identify which string goes where. This ensures that you can install the strings quickly and accurately, without any guesswork or confusion.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES This 5-string set of Super Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Bass Guitar Strings features a custom gauge range of .040-.125.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME 2824 Super Slinky


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