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    Fender Rumble 200 1x15" 200-watt Bass Guitar Combo Amp

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      Experience the thunderous low-end rumble with this bass guitar combo amp. With its powerful 200-watt output and 1x15" speaker, this amp delivers a deep and punchy bass tone that will make your playing come alive. Whether you're rocking out on stage or laying down grooves in the studio, the amp has the power and versatility to meet your bass playing needs.

      Featuring a versatile EQ section, the amp allows you to shape your tone to perfection. The 4-band EQ lets you fine-tune your bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, while the contour control adds an extra level of tone shaping. The built-in overdrive circuit adds grit and character to your sound, allowing you to dial in anything from smooth and creamy to edgy and aggressive bass tones. With its intuitive control layout, the Rumble 200 makes it easy to find your ideal bass sound.

      Built with gigging musicians in mind, the amp is road-ready and built to last. Its sturdy construction and durable Tolex covering ensure that it can withstand the demands of live performances. The built-in XLR line output allows for easy integration with a PA system or recording setup, making it versatile for both stage and studio applications. With its lightweight design and integrated handle, the amp is easy to transport and set up wherever your music takes you.



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