Firebrick ghs-gbzw-guitar-boomers-electric-guitar-strings-010-060-heavyweight Electric Guitar Strings
Firebrick ghs-gbzw-guitar-boomers-electric-guitar-strings-010-060-heavyweight Electric Guitar Strings

    GHS Strings GBZW 10-60 Heavy Electric Guitar Strings

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      Looking for heavy-duty electric guitar strings that can deliver a powerful and thick tone? These strings are specifically designed for those who want to push their sound to the limit, with a heavier gauge that produces a full and intense tone.

      These electric guitar strings are made from a nickel-plated steel wrap wire, which provides a bright and clear sound while also adding durability and longevity to the strings. The plain steel strings are also specially tempered to enhance their tonal qualities and ensure consistent performance.

      With a gauge of 10-60, these strings are on the heavier side, providing a satisfyingly chunky tone that's perfect for heavy metal, hard rock, and other genres that require a powerful sound. The added thickness also makes these strings more durable and resistant to breakage, allowing you to play with more intensity and confidence.

      In addition to their heavyweight sound, the strings also feature a precision-wound hex core, which ensures that the strings maintain their tune and intonation even when playing at high volumes or with heavy distortion. This makes them a reliable choice for gigging musicians and those who demand consistency from their equipment.

      The strings come in a standard set of six, with the first and second strings measuring .010 and .013 inches respectively, the third and fourth strings measuring .017 and .026 inches, and the fifth and sixth strings measuring .036 and .060 inches. This provides a balanced tone across all six strings, with a heavy bottom end and clear highs.

      The strings are a great choice for anyone looking for a robust and powerful sound from their electric guitar. Whether you're playing rhythm or lead, these strings will provide you with the clarity, sustain, and punch you need to make your music stand out.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES .010-.060 Light Top/Extra Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings, Heavy Weight Boomers


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