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    Hal Leonard Disney Latest Hits: 15 Recent Disney Favorites (301.0008)

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      The perfect choice for Disney enthusiasts and aspiring pianists. Featuring 15 of the most popular and beloved songs from recent Disney movies like "Frozen 2," "Moana," "Coco," and more, this collection is sure to captivate both young and old alike. With simplified arrangements specifically tailored for beginner and intermediate piano players, this songbook allows you to easily learn and play your favorite Disney tunes.

      Each song in this collection is arranged with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that even novice pianists can play these cherished melodies with confidence. The simplified notation and chord symbols make it easy to follow along and create beautiful renditions of these timeless Disney songs. Whether you're playing for yourself or performing for others, the piano songbook provides a wealth of musical enjoyment and entertainment.

      Not only does this songbook feature a fantastic selection of recent Disney hits, but it also includes full-color artwork and a brief introduction for each song, adding an extra touch of magic to your musical journey. The easy piano arrangements are designed to capture the essence and emotion of the original recordings while remaining accessible for pianists of all skill levels. With this songbook, you can bring the enchanting world of Disney to life in your own home and share the joy of these beloved songs with family and friends.

      Whether you're a beginner pianist, a music teacher, or simply a Disney fan looking to expand your repertoire, this collection is a delightful addition to any music library. Let your fingers glide across the keys as you play the unforgettable melodies that have captured the hearts of millions. Get ready to create your own musical memories with this enchanting songbook.



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