Dark Slate Gray jim-dunlop-70f-flat-strap-elastic-guitar-capo Capos
Dark Slate Gray jim-dunlop-70f-flat-strap-elastic-guitar-capo Capos

    Jim Dunlop 70F Flat Strap Elastic Guitar Capo

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      Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the capo features a sturdy construction that ensures long-lasting performance. The flat strap design allows for even pressure distribution across the fretboard, resulting in clear and consistent tone without any buzzing or intonation issues. The elastic construction provides a secure fit on most standard guitar necks, accommodating a range of sizes and shapes.

      Designed to meet the demands of guitarists, this capo is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars. The elastic strap ensures a snug and reliable fit while allowing for quick and easy application and removal. Whether you're playing intricate solos or strumming powerful chords, this capo responds with stability and precision, allowing you to explore your instrument's full potential.

      Experience effortless capo adjustments, reliable performance, and excellent fretboard pressure. Enhance your musical expression and enjoy the convenience of quick and accurate capo adjustments with this versatile and reliable guitar capo.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Convenient and lightweight, elastic capos are very handy. Simple to use and to adjust. Strong elastic will slide up or down the neck without having to be unfastened. Once in place, it stays tight! For classical or flat fretboards.


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