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    PDP PDAX101 2-Way Felt/Plastic Bass Drum Beater

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      The versatile and customizable solution for drummers seeking ultimate control over their bass drum sound. This innovative drum beater features a dual-sided design, with one side covered in high-quality felt and the other side made of durable plastic. With just a simple flip, you can instantly switch between the warm and mellow tones of the felt beater to the punchy and articulate attack of the plastic beater.

      The drum beater is built to withstand the demands of intense drumming sessions. The felt side provides a soft and cushioned strike, delivering a deep and resonant sound that enhances your bass drum's warmth and depth. On the other hand, the plastic side offers a defined and focused attack, ideal for genres that require a precise and cutting bass drum sound. This versatile beater allows you to adapt to various musical styles and settings with ease.

      With its precise specifications, the drum beater ensures a secure and reliable performance. The beater's shaft is made from sturdy metal, providing durability and stability during intense playing. The adjustable height allows you to fine-tune the distance between the beater and the bass drum head, allowing for optimal feel and response. Upgrade your drumming experience!

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