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    Pro Mark Scott Johnson DC17 Signature White Wood Tip Marching Drumsticks

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      Looking for top-quality marching drum sticks that are designed for precision and power? Look no further than the Scott Johnson DC17 Signature White Marching Sticks! These sticks are crafted with the highest-quality materials, and feature a unique design that's perfect for drummers of all skill levels.

      Featuring a durable and lightweight construction, these sticks are designed to deliver maximum power and control on the marching field. The white finish provides a clean and sleek appearance, while the long taper and oval bead offer exceptional balance and responsiveness.

      With a length of 17 inches and a diameter of .710 inches, these sticks are perfect for drummers who demand the very best in performance and precision. So why wait? Order your Scott Johnson DC17 Signature White Marching Sticks today and experience the difference for yourself!

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Features a medium taper and full bead for a wide range of dynamics on the marching snare.
      PRODUCT MODEL NAME DC17 White Wood Tip Marching Drumsticks


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