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    Promark Classic Forward Drumsticks - Hickory - 2B - Wood Tip

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      Introducing the Classic Forward Drumsticks, the perfect choice for drummers looking for durable and versatile drumsticks. Crafted from premium quality hickory wood, these sticks provide exceptional balance and a solid feel, making them suitable for various drumming styles and genres.

      With their 2B size, these drumsticks offer a slightly larger diameter than standard sticks, providing excellent power and projection. The wood tip ensures a bright and clear cymbal sound, making them ideal for live performances and recording sessions.

      These Classic Forward Drumsticks feature a classic design that has been trusted by drummers for generations. Their durability and strength make them suitable for heavy hitters, while their lightweight construction ensures comfortable playing for extended periods.

      Overall, if you're looking for high-quality drumsticks that can deliver powerful and clear sounds with durability, the Classic Forward Drumsticks - Hickory - 2B - Wood Tip is the perfect choice for you. Get your hands on these versatile sticks and take your drumming skills to the next level.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES This pair of 16" drumsticks is constructed of 2B grade hickory and features oval-shaped wood tips with a diameter of 0.630".


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