Black ultimate-support-ts-100b-lift-assist-speaker-stand-single Speaker Stands
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Black ultimate-support-ts-100b-lift-assist-speaker-stand-single Speaker Stands
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    Ultimate Support TS-100B Lift-Assist Speaker Stand (Single)

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      Engineered with innovative lift-assist technology, this speaker stand is designed to make your setup process effortless and efficient. With its sturdy construction and versatile features, it's the ideal choice for DJs, musicians, and audio professionals seeking reliability and convenience.

      The stand features a unique lift-assist mechanism that allows you to effortlessly raise and lower your speakers with minimal effort. Say goodbye to back strain and awkward lifting maneuvers. With just a light touch, the stand's internal springs do the heavy lifting for you, smoothly raising your speakers to the desired height. The stand's air cushioning technology ensures a controlled descent, protecting your valuable speakers from sudden drops.

      Constructed from rugged aluminum, the stand offers exceptional stability and durability. It features a tripod base with reinforced legs and a secure locking system, providing a stable platform for your speakers. The stand is adjustable in height, allowing you to find the perfect positioning for optimal sound dispersion. With a maximum weight capacity of 150lbs, it can accommodate a wide range of speaker sizes and configurations.

      The stand combines convenience, durability, and reliability, making it an essential tool for any audio setup. Whether you're setting up for a live performance, DJing a party, or delivering a presentation, this stand will simplify your workflow and enhance your sound experience. Invest in this top-quality speaker stand and elevate your performance to new heights.

      ROADIE TECH NOTES Heavy-duty Speaker Stand with Built-in Hydraulic Telescoping Tube Mechanism, 150-lb. Load Capacity, and Folding Design (ea)


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